About WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

Looking for a luxurious and amazing stay in Abu Dhabi? Consider the Abu Dhabi Warner Bros Hotel which is situated on Yas Island welcoming its guests in an amazing ambience. The hotel promises an unrivalled luxurious treatment, thus assuring its guests of a qualitative stay at their Yas Island tour. You may begin your day exercising at the gym, spending morning hours at the cafes and extend it by taking your lunch and dinner at the on-site restaurants in the premises. The pool Bars of the hotel, namely the Outlook Pool and the Martinee Pool are certainly its star attractions. Within the premises of the hotel is located the marvellous Warner Bros theme park which is also the world's first Warner Bros hotel to have an entertainment park in its premises. make sure that you visit the park. The various facilities served at the hotel include airport shuttle, the best one being daily access to Yas island theme parks all the while during stay. Explore the different dining options at the hotel like Craft Services which offer the best snacks and dining options. At last, try the Director’s Club where you will be served elegantly blended drinks.

What to Expect at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi?

WB Hotel

Witness Beautiful Galleries- As you pass through the galleries with glass walls feel the grandeur of the WB hotel Abu Dhabi. Walk out your rooms to enjoy the pool view and the panoramic city view while sipping in morning tea or having your favourite coffee in the night. Descend the broad spiralling staircase enjoying the ‘Living Archive’ of evolution of Warner Bros.’ memorabilia collection.

Warner Bros Theme Based Rooms- The one of the most luxurious hotels of Abu Dhabi has around 250 rooms arranged in the 8 storey building. The accommodation offered pays a detailed attention to the modern decor while giving the space a subtle touch of the Warner bros vision. Inside the rooms enjoy luxurious facilities like, mini espresso machine, Smeg fridge, HD TV, tea and coffee machine. Sit down in the large balconies of the rooms to breathe the beauty of the sun setting at a distance spreading its colours over the horizon.

Luxury Dining Experience- Sit down at the dining tables of the extravagant warner bro hotel to enjoy a wide range of beverage options with classy dining. Step inside the Director’s Club which is a specialty restaurant where it would treat you with beautifully blended drinks and an extensive wine list. Another great place where you can unwind an relish mediterranean cuisine and grilled specialities is the Matinee Pool Bar.

Things To Do At WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

After you've settled down in your luxurious suite and intend to explore the things to do at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi. Well, enjoy very fine blended wine at Overlook Pool laying alongside a wide window providing panoramic views of the city. Step into Matinee Pool and enjoy the exclusive 'Dive-in' theatre after which you can go for a nourishing treatment at the Spa where services for both men and women are offered.

Aura Skypool Lounge
Enjoy the Drinks at Overlook Pool

Dubai is synonymous with luxury and you will feel the same when you come to the sun soaked terrace of WB hotels. As you sit down on the float seats of the Overlook Pool at the Warner Bros hotel, soothe yourself down with a finely blended wine being served at the bar. Spend a beautiful afternoon under a glass rooftop as you soak the sun while enjoying beautiful and calming views from the transparent front wall.

infinity pool
Feel Refreshing at Matinee Pool

The Abu Dhabi Warner Bros hotel treats you with most genial hospitality, making your stay at the pool as grand as possible. There is an exclusive ‘Dive-in’ theatre at the poolside where you can watch your favourite cartoon shows along with enjoying sunbathing. The grandiose of the refreshing Martini Pool will certainly make your vacation iconic with its services in sumptuous Mediterranean inspired grilled dishes. The Pool Bar has an amazing collection of cocktails, fruit beers and perfectly blended drinks being served by the best bartenders.

Gift Yourself a Nourishing Spa Treatment

A nourishing treatment at the premier spa in the Warner Bros hotel Yas Island would further rejuvenate your body and soul. The staff brings all of their traditional knowledge of body massages on fore as they give their best services to the visitors, the quality of services would certainly make it a worthwhile visit. The spa provides its services in retail boutique, hair salon, nail salon, grooming, etc. The facility of female and male aroma steam rooms and treatment rooms with private showers, the spa at warner bros hotel has something for everyone.

Benefits Of Staying At WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

WB Hotel
  • Enjoy access to one Yas Island theme park, on every night’s stay at the Hotel Warner Bros Abu Dhabi.
  • Situated at the heart of the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi Warner Bros hotel is at a short distance from the world class attractions like Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Etihad Arena and Yas Marina Circuit.
  • Deboard the Abu Dhabi Airport and reach the hotel in just 15 minutes
  • If you’re living in Dubai, the drive won’t take more than 50 minutes to reach the destination. Facilities at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • A premier spa, two spectacular pool bars namely the Overlooking Pool Bar and the Martinee Pool Bar.
  • The fitness club
  • The running Airport shuttle facility would drop you off conveniently at the Abu Dhabi Airport which is just 15 minutes away from the hotel.
  • A range of dining, cafe and bar options are available at the hotel.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The facility of parking for all single-day visitors as well as those travelling to the place by a private vehicle is available.

Special perks :-- The gradiose of Warner Bros. Hotel Yas Island is recognisable from the facilities it offers. Go on a trip down to memory lane with 400+ photographs and props of famous Tv series and movies at the Hotel Warner Bros Abu Dhabi- Behold the iconic moments and behind the scenes from Warner bros TV and film in 3 playful themed guest rooms.- Let your kids have the unique experience of room service by their favourite Looney Tunes characters

Dining Options at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

At WB Hotel, you may explore a range of dining options available in the vicinity which offer an exclusive menu of its own special kind. At the Overlook, try lounge style dining and the fashionable WB movies inspired menu at The Director's Club looks interesting. All the Mediterranean delicacies can be found at the Matinee along with exquisite cocktails. The Sidekicks is perfect for a family dinning while Craft Services ofer best grab-and-go food services.

WB Hotel
The Overlook

Enter into brown colour furnished restaurants radiating all the cool and aesthetic vibes. As you get in, sniff the aroma of various licious dishes filling up the venue and order yourself a grand dinner to silence the growling of your hungry stomach. Order some world-class cocktails to spend a few more hours in the lounge-style dining restaurant to enjoy the spectacular views visible from its glass walls.

WB Hotel
The Director’s Club

As the name of the restaurant suggests, dining experience at this food hub would bring a twist of the movies. Relax yourself on the comfy and grand maghony dining table to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes authentically baked in a charcoal oven. The menu here is inspired by the WB movies complementing your perfect savouries with an elegantly infused cocktail.

WB Hotel
The Matinee

Sit down on the floating chairs of the extravagant pool as you enjoy the delight of “dive-in” theatre alongside enjoying a good meal. The unique restaurant has an unmatched menu of perfect blend of Mediterranean flavours complemented by its grilled specialities. Take your drinks along as you jump in the pool to either relax in the warmth of the sun against the cool of the water or enjoy the movie screening on the large LED screen.

WB Hotel

Serve yourself a full family dinner treat while wandering through the hallways of the hostel at the ground floor, where this exotic restaurant is. All sorts of meals are served at the restaurant, be it a light start for your day or a heavy intake of calories in the afternoon or maybe some licious dishes in the dinner.

WB Hotel
Craft Service

Drop by this grab-and-go food service facility which along with serving ready to buy food items is also the social heart of the hotel. If you’re looking for a place to socialise yourself, you should try sitting, eating and chatting at the Craft Service. Do grab their strong coffee or delicious tea to unwind and make new friends while enjoying your stay at the hotel.

Know Before You Stay at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

Essential Information
Hotel Policies
WB Hotel

Location- Yas Bay, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The island is at a 7.5km distance from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) and 16.2 km away from Al Bateen Executive Airport (AZI).

How to Reach:

By Taxi- Board a taxi from the Masdar PRT Station Car Park which will drop you at the Warner Bros hotel Yas Island in a few minutes.

By Bus- Step in the bus with route no. 102 from the Abu Dhabi Bus Station which will take you to Yas Island situated next to Al Wahda Mall.

WB Hotel Abu Dhabi Nearby Attractions

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

One of the most advanced water parks of the country, Yas Waterworld is curated with the theme of “Lost Pearl” where visitors are welcomed on the most adventurous water rides. The 40 rides and slides of every kind will send the chill of thrill and adrenaline down your spine. Enjoy an amazing freefall drop water slide in the region at Liwa Loop along with a water coaster ride called Falcons Falaj and lay as you float in a tube that takes you through the 300 m of a lazy river.

Warner Bros Australia
Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Get to meet all the cool and iconic characters of the cartoon world of the Warner Bros. which is located nearby Yas Waterland. There are six sections of the park which are installed with fun rides themed on famous TV shows such as Looney Toons and Batman. Get nostalgic as you wander through the park of your good old days while your little ones enjoy seeing their favourite cartoons coming alive in front of them. It’s located at a walking distance from the Warner Bros Hotel.

Yas Island
Yas Island

Yas Island is a top leisure destination where the needs of entertainment, a luxurious stay, extensive shopping plans, and tasting the delicacies are brought to a single place. The hospitality of the island continues with a range of adventurous options provided on road and water at Ferrari World, Yas World Waterpark, and Yas Bay beach. All the above mentioned attractions would surely tempt the visitors staying at the Warner Bros hotel to visit them. Well, they can start afresh to all the attractions from the entrance of the island, which is just 4.6 km away from the hotel and can be reached in 8 mins by the shuttle service available.

Yas Mall.webp
Yas Mall

While taking an evening stroll, stop at this massive mall which has more than 370 stores to buy yourself some of the trendy outfits, luxurious items, jewelries or maybe some antiques for decor. The shopping hotspot of the Yas Island is located at a distance of 3.5 km and 6 min ride away from the hotel. As you shop and kids are getting bored, take them to the kid’s games stores or else they will keep troubling you running through the corridors of the mall. A candy from the candy store will satisfy all of their food cravings and indoor activities at KidZania.

Ferrari World
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

All the motor enthusiasts can cheer up their spirit as they get to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Here, all the guests would be able to choose from the range of their favourite ferraris while hopping over more than 37 rides. The experience of racing in the Formula Rossa would be the one of the most exciting things to do in Yas Island for sure. And, if still not satisfied with the adrenaline rush pushed by the Ferraris, jump into the fastest roller coaster running at an electric speed over a height of 52 metres. It’s closest to the Warner Bros hotel with a distance of 1.8 km and a ride of 4 minute.

Yas Marina Circuit.webp
Yas Marina Circuit

Let the electrifying sport activities amuse you at Yas Marina where a range of sports activities are held. Yas Marina has brought the honour of a world-class sporting destination to Abu Dhabi, where a range of sporting events like motorsports, running, cycling and drag racing are organised. Explore different sections like Yas Kartzone, Yas Drag Night, Train YAS and Go YAS to look for thrilling experiences of sport. Alongside attending sports activities, few of the several things to do in Yas Island would be to explore the thriving hub of entertainment at the circuit guests of the WB Hotel can escape to the marina circuit located at a close distance of just 2.3 km and 4 minute ride from shuttle service.

FAQs Of WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

What are my dining options at The WB Abu Dhabi, Curio Collection by Hilton?

    Curio Collection by Hilton offers some of the best 5 on-site restaurants for superior dining convenience where the three meals of the day are served. Visitors are given a choice of picking from a wide range of international delicacies like Chinese, western and asian as they eat on their luxurious tables. For those who request for a light meal like soup, coffee or tea, desserts, and salad are prepared using quality ingredients. To ensure convenience to their guests special dietary requirements like kosher, vegetarian and hahal diets are prepared with paramount care and attention.

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