Shopping Places At Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, the world’s biggest indoor theme park in Yas Island offers you the most fascinating rides and Warner Bros shops ever. From souvenirs and apparels to gift items and home decor, these shopping places at Warner bros have a lot in store for you. The park has 6 different zones where you can find 29+ action packed rides and different stores that are set up in consonance with the theme of the zone. In the Warner Bros Plaza, you can find several shops where the Warner Bros Cartoon World has been brought to life. Similarly, at Cartoon Junction shops like C.J. Mercantile and ACME Company you can experience the world of Looney Tunes and relive your childhood. Apart from various shopping stores that are full of reminiscences of your childhood, you can also spend some time cherishing the delicious range of handmade roasted chocolates, cookies and brownies that this place offers.

Wb Store
Warner Bros. Studio Store

If you’re looking for a place to collect some gifts for your loved ones then this studio in Warner Bros abu dhabi Studio Store is something you shouldn’t miss out on. This Studio Store located in Warner Bros Plaza offers a wide range of souvenirs, gifts, stationary, homeware and recently introduced special Warner Bros World logo Merchandise. You can also find cotton stuffed cartoon toys, an amazing collection of fashionable clothing and exclusively produced handmade decoratives at this store. Along with these many options, the Studio Store also has a separate candy section for kids to have tasty super floss candies from.

Bugs Bunny and Co.

Another crazy place to shop at Warner Bros Plaza is Bugs Bunny and Co. where you can choose from a large variety of toys not just for your kids but also as keepsake decorative items for your home. If your kids are accompanying you to the place then let them pick their memento of the day from a fun range of keepsakes on display. See them as they run wild browsing different sections of the shop featuring their favourite cartoon fantastical characters like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Hanna Barbera.

C.J. Mercantile

Located in the land of Cartoon Junction, C.J. Mercantile is one of the many Warner Bros shops that lets you choose from the wide range of gift items and souvenirs that it offers. Feel free to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of C.J. Mercantile and relive your childhood as you meet your favourite childhood cartoon characters. If you were ever a Looney Tunes addict, then this place is nothing less than a heaven for you. It has a huge collection of Looney Tunes Merchandise available in all shapes and sizes for you to get for your friends and yourself. Along with these fancy items, the shop also has a clothing range available for both adults and kids right outside the shop. Do not forget to enjoy the Scooby-Doo inspired flossy candies before moving on to the next store.

Bedrock Boutique

As you enter the prehistoric world of this Stone Age boutique located in the land of Bedrock, your eyes will run through a variety of options available at the shop. Delve deep into the world of Flintstones which has been brought alive with all the fancy accessories, clothing range for kids and adults, fun range of gifts and antique collectibles. Don’t forget to taste candies made by Bedrock Candy Co.

Warner Bros
Yosemite Sam Rootin' Tootin' Gas

Lets travel back in time to the famous location where Wili E. Coyote comes from on Route 66 while you get some souvenirs from this shop at Dynamite Gluch. The vibes of this recreated American themed gas station and Yosemite’s moves would certainly remind you the best of the bygone era. At the shop you would find cowboy hats with a range of other gifts and goodies varying from apparel, mementoes to vintage home decor pieces. Choose from a range of merchandise featuring characters of Cartoon junction, The jetsons and Marvin the Martian rides.

Park Row Pawn Shop

This dim light studio shop located in Gotham city is the best place to feel the presence of Batman and his scary villains. Pawn Shop, one of the best amongst Warner Bros Shops, would surely fascinate you with its memorable collection of mementos from the Gotham city of Batman. All the pick up items at this place are replicas transporting you to either Arkham Asylum or Wayne Tech. If you are a diehard Batman fan, then let yourself immerse in the various accessories of the place displaying everything from toys, souvenirs and more.

Justice League: Hero Supply Co.

Enter into this life size world of the DC superheroes at the Hero Supply Co. as you step in the land of Metropolis. Pick up a variety of masks and capes from the coolest DC apparel and from a fantastic keepsake product range of Justice league merchandise. Bring back home the action figures, statuettes, mugs and tee-shirts along with your pictures on the land of the Super Hero.

Daily Planet Newsstand

While in the land of Metropolis lets collect something to read about the feud amongst the DC Superheroes. Come over to the Daily Planet Newsstand to collect the special edition of the magazine which brings every piece of gossip from across the cartoon world. Get to read more and more about their past adventures and future plans and discover other attractions of the shop after that. The fresh piping hot roasted nuts and other sweets at the shop are worth munching on as you explore some exclusive stationary from the various shopping places at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi.

ACME Company Store

The land of ACME Company Store of Cartoon Junction brings to you the most amazing collection of gifts and toys. The gifts at this place defy all the traditional ideas and present some of the most innovative gifting options to you. Enter this small but the most distinctive store where qualified products are served best since the dawn of cartoon history. Let your little ones choose from a range of colourful products, maybe a fluffy Wile E. Coyotes or a stuffed toy of Tom and Jerry.

Superstar Souvenirs

See the world of Looney Tunes brought to you alive at this handy store of Warner Bros. Plaza. Feel like a superstar as you collect a variety of fashion essentials like hats of Speedy Gonzales, beautiful tees of Melissa Duck and various other things. While selecting products from the various intricately crafted souvenirs in all the shopping places at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi, don't forget to explore the collectibles at Superstar Souvenirs. Here, you will find amazing keepsakes that will take you back to the amazing land of Looney Tunes and many more cartoons that you loved as a kid.

DC Super Heroes Store

Batman and Superman have been ideals of many who enjoyed their childhood in the late 90s and early 21st century. In later decades when Wonder Woman joined the league, women across the world celebrated the inclusivity. A similar inclusiveness can be seen at the DC Store where you have a marvellous range of inclusive products like mugs, statuettes, hats and much more. This store gives you the chance to buy yourself some DC super heroes licensed merchandise and express your love for the heroes you have loved so much.

treasures_of_hollywood (1).jpg
Treasures of Hollywood

Include more keepsake collectibles from the store while you’re in Warner Bros. Plaza which surely has some cool shopping places at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi. The Plaza has something for everyone to commemorate their classic Hollywood style inspiration. Enjoy at the luxury boutique as you choose from an exclusive range of high-end treasures like exquisite watches, jewellery, various antiques and much more.

Celebrity Photo Studio

If you'd like to transport yourself to the world of your favourite cartoon characters and experience how they lived, then this is the perfect place for you. At this Photo Studio, you can feel like a Warner Bros celebrity as you stand against the green screen that magically displays your favourite cartoon characters in your pictures. Get the chance to have amazing pictures with your favourite characters and bring back heartful memories preserved in photographs.

Hare Salon

At this one of the most popular and amazing Warner Bros Shops, you can get an amazing haircut by the professionals. Not only this, you can also browse through various presents from Big Bunny’s collection of personal adornments. A person disguised in a wacky wig would provide all the services and offer you products like hats, hair accessories and much more to shop from.

Fudd Hardware

Enter into this yet another toy shop at Cartoon Junction where you will get the opportunity to pick up from a variety of Looney Tunes mementoes. You can find some tools from Eler Fudd’s collection at this small-town hardware store. Here, you can choose from a variety of construction toys like trucks, bricks and other tools that would surely interest your little kids who are always eager to play with and buy a mobile toy. Those who desire to choose stuff other than hardware tools can find some themed accessories and souvenirs in the store as well.

Daffy Snacks

All the cartoon characters across all worlds have their own special confectionery, but chocolates are favourite of all. Here, at the Daffy Snacks you'd find a range of snacks which will certainly enhance your experience at the Cartoon Junction, you would recognise the store due to its vintage soda themed outlook. Pick up some handcrafted colourful lollipops designed by taking inspiration from classic Looney Tunes characters. Satisfy your hunger while you design your own candy and get your own personnel printed gummy candy made with our ACME- worthy 3D candy printer.

Monarch Theatre Gifts

While you’re enjoying the dim and dark crazy world of Gotham city enter the Monarch Theatre Gifts where you can browse through a range of toys, home decor items as well as other other keepsakes. Through the lobby of Gotham City enter into the most infamous movie palace you're welcome to enjoy a show full of thrill and adventure. Before sitting down at your respective seats, pick up a bucket of popcorn and get ready for the show. After enjoying the show, while moving out of the theatre pick up some amazing mementos and goodies to commemorate your visit to the world of Warner Bros. Amazing rides like Joker Funhouse, Scarecrow Scare Raid and the Riddler Revolution are the other attractions besides the gifts on display. As you choose toys and goodies, pick some snacks and treats while roaming around the shop to savour the experience even more.

Cat's Eye Jewellery

Enter Cat's Eye Jewellery, one of the amazing shopping places at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi, from where you can choose a variety of fashion accessories. Explore several baubles and finery fits that will definitely make you feel like a fashionista. This is the perfect store to find things that complement your clothing style with trinkets, jewellery, leather items like fancy belts, handbags and accessories.

Harlequin Confections

On visiting Harlequin, another confectionery shop at Gotham city, taste eloquently baked cakes, candies and other delicacies. Immerse yourself in the delicious aroma of roasted nuts, dark chocolate, just baked cookies and brownies and treat your tastebuds like never before. Pick up some delicacies and enjoy some of the most amazing chocolate collections that are beautifully presented by Harley Quinn collectible tins and boxes.

Cobblepot Formal Wear

This shop is a must visit for all the men who are looking for a perfect formal fit. This formal wear shop offers a great collection of black-and-white fashion that is sure to catch every man’s attention. Out of all the Warner Bros shops, this one is located in Gotham city and caters the city’s gentlemen with the finest of accessories. It has a wide range of products including leather bags, shaving kits, cufflinks, hats, ties and even umbrellas.

Zatanna Books & Magical Curiosities

The magical shopping places at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi takes you back to the exciting and fun-filled world of our favourite cartoon characters. At Zatanna Books & Magical Curiosities, located in the land of Metropolis, satiate your curiosity of exploring various apparel and accessories which the store has been decorated with. This 1930s styled bookstore is inspired by the charismatic Zatanna Zatara, Wonder Woman and other DC Superwomen. All the DC Superwomen fans out there can pick from a variety of products at this store.

Front Page Photos

Visit this another amazing photography shop while in Metropolis to get clicked in all the famous action scenes of the DC universe. Pose as if you’re all ready to perform exciting action alongside Batman or thrilling adventures with William Colote. See yourself alongside your favourite Superheroes in a photo clicked at the studio. As you spend some time in the shop, write articles to create a personalised copy of the The Daily Planet special edition.

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