About Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Visiting a place where you would meet all the renowned and favourite cartoon characters from your childhood and would spend time with them is an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed at all. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi would suit your plans of going around the cartoon world, as it is the world’s biggest indoor theme park in Yas Island that welcomes its visitors in the world of cartoons on a whimsical journey of joy, action, adventure and fun. The theme park has everything related to the cartoon world, it’s full of childhood memories and would make you nostalgic as you roam around the park. All the different zones of the park are dominated by the stories of Superman and crazy adventures of Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo. The park is divided in 6 different themed zones, namely Warner Bros. Plaza, Metropolis, Gotham city, Dynamite Gulch, Bedrock and Cartoon Junction. While roaming around these zones, watch out for the various shopping stores and hop on over more than 29+ action packed rides. If the day trip to the park convinces you to extend your stay at Yas Island, book your accommodation at the warner bros hotel and enjoy their unrivalled hospitality. The world-class entertainment served here is incomplete without savouring the delicious meals of the restaurants in Warner Bros, where dishes from various cultures can be seen here. All the restaurants have a visually appealing setting and the delicious pastries served at the end of your meal is certainly the show topper.

What is so Special About Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

Warner Bros Studio tour
  • The theme park of Warner Bros. is the eye catcher with the world of cartoons being brought to life. The enchanting setting of the park transports you into the cartoon world, thus fulfilling every visitor's wish.
  • The park is a one time stop for fun, rides, shows, shopping and an amazing dining experience.
  • The Warner Bros hotel located in the premises of the Warner Bros World is one of the most luxurious hotels in UAE.
  • The theme park has 6 zones, each serving in shopping, dining and rides, thus, providing a diverse experience to the visitors.

Attractions at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

warner bros
Warner Bros. Plaza

At plaza transport yourself into the best journey to the rich setting of the cartoon world of Warner Bros. Roaming around the plaza you’d find Warner Bros. rides, theme based various dining and shopping attractions ready to take you back into your childhood times. They will get to enjoy rides like the Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure, Fast and Furry-ous, The Jetsons cosmic orbiter and much more. To shop your favourite Warner Bros. merchandise visit Warner bros. Studio store, Superstar Souvenirs, Bugs and Bunny Co., etc. Before leaving the plaza try some dishes at the Starlight, Hollywood Trattoria,Celebrity Scoop and other places.

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As you enter Metropolis, the city of the Super heroes, which is dark with its silhouette against the eternal sunset sky the gothic ambience would send you chills. Here, you’d meet Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and many others as you walk by the city. The attractions of the land include Justice league: War world Attacks, Green lantern: Galactic Odyssey and much more. To shop, visit the site of Justice League: Hero Supply Co., Zatanna Books and Magical Curiosities and don’t forget to read the trending headlines in the magazines put up at Daily Planet Newsstand. Don’t forget to check out the drinks at Jitters coffee and Snacks, check out snacks at Big belly Burger too.

Warner Bros
Gotham City

Feel yourself in the world of the greatest detective, Batman and watch him fighting the collection of evil and scheming villains. While roam around the city being protected by Batman, don’t worry about your safety while enjoying Warner bros. Rides like Batman:Knight Flight and Scarecrow Scare Raid. Taste the favourite snack of Batman at Hall of Doom and choose a good meal at Gotham city’s finest restaurants. Don’t forget to collect your mementos with Batman at Park Row Pawn Shop.

Warners Bros
Dynamite Gulch

Make your trip to Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is even more fun by including the whimsical journeys of Wile E. Coyote at the Dynamite Gulch. The desert landscape of the land is fully packed with exciting escapades and mad mishaps where you can locate Coyote and Road Runner planning some mischief somewhere. Don’t miss out rides of your favourite cartoon characters and enjoy Fast and Furry-ous, The Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter and other rides.

Warner Bros Studio tour

Let’s travel back in time to the prehistoric land of Bedrock where on entering you would find a number of Stone Age Families having fun. Sit in with the lovable cave-families of Flintstones and the Rubbles and meet their super cute members like Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, Barny and others. Check out the rides from the prehistoric era like The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure, Bronto Burgers and Ribs and Mammoth munchies.

warner bros
Cartoon junction

At the land where your favourite cartoon characters stay, the mayhem begins. Watch your kids as they join their favourite characters in creating chaos and enjoying fun rides like Tom and Cherry: Swiss Cheese Spin, Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries, Cartoon Junction Carousel, etc. Sit down to enjoy the show of Daffy Duck chasing after Bugs but can’t seem to get ahead of them. Visit the stores of C.J. mercantile, Hare Salon, Fudd Hardware and others to collect some really amazing souvenirs. Before leaving the junction check out some amazing Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurants like ACME Commissary, Huckleberry Hound Pies and others.

Top Rides in Attractions at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros
Fast and Furry-Ous

An inverted roller coaster, the ride is a fast and furry-ous race on Dynamite Gulch land around the picturesque desert landscape of Southwest America. Making swift moves around banked turns, blowing up and down hills and shooting up high above the sandy dunes, the ride is filled with the authentic visual gags. The ride has a theme of Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner, where the former tries to catch the latter who travels desert highways like a bullet train and remains far ahead from the former.

Warner Bros
Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin

This Warner Bros ride consists of car-sized wedges of Swiss cheese and is an epic chase full of twists and turns. As the name suggests, the ride is based on the theme of Cartoon Junction’s cat Tom and quick-witted mouse Jerry entwined for a morsel of cheese. The ride whirls through the oversized house as everything else except car-sized wedges is huge, as Tom is chasing Jerry who then is chasing cheese. The ride gives thrilling experience of ducking into mousehoules, twirling through houses dodging obstacles making it a madcap pandemonium.

Scarecrow Scare Raid Warner Bros
Scarecrow Scare Raid

The hind story of this ride proceeds as Scarecrow is famous for drilling down victims’ worst fears to life. The ride starts with a horrifying ghostlike voice warning you of the conspicuous aerobatics, barrel rolls and other stunts waiting for you ahead. It certainly seems like some fierce and frightening psychological experiment that you’ve become part of. Requiring a minimum height of 120 cm on this ride based in Gotham city, it challenges one to face his/ her deepest and darkest fears, making the ride a thrilling experience.

The Riddler Revolution Warner Bros
The Riddler Revolution

As name advocates, the ride consists of riddles that require to be solved in order to proceed further. While wandering around the Waterfront district of Gotham city, one finds themselves in the villainous gadgets in an abandoned warehouse which is wickedly designed by the devilish and enigmatic Super-Villain himself. It makes the Riddler Revolution a thrilling, spinning coaster garnished with chill and bewildering movements leaving one puzzled up. The ride also requires a minimum height of 120 cm.

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Justice League: War World Attacks

A stimulating, mesmerising good versus evil ride, it is based on Metropolis land providing an apt yet thrilling opportunity to join Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other Superheroes in a legendary face-off against their exceptional enemies. The iconic DC locations allow one to be beleaguered by the inter-galactic authoritarian Mongul and his celestial warrior army with Cyborg as guide. The ride is yet another thrilling experience as one holds tight while making swift moves, swoops and spins through the DC locations.

warner bros
The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure

It being a family attraction-type ride, the minimum height required is 105 cm which permits one to have an easy on the eye boat tour of Bedrock with a modern Stone Age family. The ride is based on the theme of Fred, Wilma and them being involved in their day to day chores in the prehistoric sights and sounds. Besides any ordinary day in Bedrock, it’s the Centennial Celebration along with dinosaur-sized trouble on the horizon, when dinosaurs are on loose and running berserk.

Top Places to Eat at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

warner bros
Bronto Burger and Ribs

Serving ambrosial cuisine of fast food, the diner is a judicious choice to invest in order to utilise the facility of tasting the mouth salivary dishes and gratify one’s dino-sized appetite. Sit down at the Bronto to taste several dishes such as slabs of ribs and the must-try signature giant-sized Bronto burger. The diner seating arrangement has a row of prehistoric cars and also an amazing positioning with photo clicking opportunities. So, when you’ve enjoyed your meal, utilise the moment to explore the alternatives of clicking amazing pictures at Bronto.

warner bros
ACME Commissary

The diner extends quick service and is inspired by the fabled and mythological ACME Corporation and its outlandish and unorthodox inventions. Invite yourself over for dinner at this Warner Bros Abu Dhabi restaurant located in Cartoon Junction zone, serving delicious dishes and delectable meals. The diner also offers its visitors several selections to make from pizzas, empanadas, manakish, shawarma, desserts and more.

warner bros
Big Belly Burger

Explore the amazing Big Belly hunger, enjoy their go-to snacks and grab some of the best burgers in the house. You would be surprised to know that your favourite superheroes love hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and shakes as well. The quick service diner welcomes guests from all ages to silence their growling stomachs with its fast food cuisines. At the Big Belly food counters while you’re waiting for your dishes, explore some of the trending news of the Warner Bros. World published in Daily Planet.

warner bros
The Starlight

On sitting in this pleasantly decorated restaurant in 1930s style, let yourself take the spotlight of being served by your favourite cartoon characters. The family restaurant situated in the land of Warner Bros. Plaza seves international food options at your table. The wood panels of the walls of the restaurants have been put up with movie memorabilia, so enjoy your movie journey while savouring various delicacies. The steaks, lamb chops, skewers and slides and cheesecake are the must try dishes of the restaurant that shouldn’t be missed at all.

warner bros
Ace O’ Clubs

A perfect must place for all the Indian cuisine lovers to include in their itinerary of the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi. Welcoming all the guests in the land of Metropolis to serve its guests with amazing paneer tikka and renowned chicken curry. The club has an amazing outdoor area from which the visually aesthetic and appealing site of the city is visible. As you dine in this beautiful quick service type diner run your eyes through the walls of the diner once, which are beautifully adorned with collectibles and memorabilia.

warner bros
Gotham City's Finest

The Gotham city isn’t only famous for its SuperHero Batman and his wittiest enemy ever, the Joker, but much more so for its quick service diner. On Passing by the city, stop at Gotham City’s Finest to grab some healthy snacks which are also the Gotham City Police Department's favourite. If the inner chef of yours wants to prepare a different snack with different ingredients, try it out on the food centre itself. The visitors are allowed to create their own salad and sandwich filled with your favourite ingredients. You always have the option of choosing classic dishes from the menu offered at the diner

Top Shopping Places in Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros Studio tour
Warner Bros. Studio Store

The studio store is located in the land of Warner Bros Plaza and has a range of wonderful souvenirs to offer. If you’re searching for a place where exclusive gifts ranging from apparel to accessories can be found, don’t forget about the Warner Bros. Studio store. Do collect their exclusively designed Warner Bros. World logo merchandise to commemorate your wonderful experience at the place. The place has much more to offer than cartoon teddy toys like an amazing collection of adult fashion, accessories, jewellery, gifts, and exclusively handmade collectibles.

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi
Bugs Bunny and Co.

Enter into this amazing shop in Warner Bros Plaza and choose from a variety of toys not only for your kids but also as decorative items for keepsake on tables or over cupboards. The shop has various kinds of mementoes to really cheer up your little kids and make their day. Let your kids pick their memento of the day from a fun range of keepsakes on display. Help them while they fidget with numerous toys organised in various sections which feature their favourite cartoon fantastical characters like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Hanna Barbera

warner bros
C.J. Mercantile

As you’re enjoying yourself in the company of your favourite cartoon characters at Cartoon Junction, step in the store as well so that you can choose yourself some gifts and souvenirs. Let the plush range of Looney Tunes merchandise items tickle your childhood memories with your favourite cartoon character and remind you of your childhood stories. Alongside these fancy pick up items save pennies for the clothing items available for both adults and children, the large floss candies inspired by Scooby-Doo would surely tempt you.

Bedrock Boutique

It is an exquisite boutique of the prehistoric-world presenting some of the prehistoric fashion coming all the way from fashionistas Wiloma Flintstone and Pebbles. As you enter the prehistoric world of this Stone Age boutique located in the land of Bedrock, your eyes will run through a variety of options available at the shop. Delve deep into the world of Flintstones which has been brought alive with all the fancy accessories, kids and adult clothing with prehistoric touch to it, fun range of gifts and antique collectibles.

Warner Bros
Yosemite Sam Rootin' Tootin' Gas

Transport yourself back in the 70s America when the famous Wile E. Coyote comes from On-Route 66 to entertain you with his newly discovered stunts. Don’t get distracted by his moves, and pick up handcrafted and well-designed souvenirs from this shop at Dynamite Gluch. The vibes of this recreated American themed gas station would remind you of the best of the bygone era. Not only would you find those large caps curled at the corners but also a range of gifts and goodies varying from apparel, mementoes and home vintage home decor pieces. Choose from a range of merchandise featuring characters of Cartoon junction, The jetsons and Marvin the Martian rides

warner bros
Park Row Pawn Shop

This dim light studio shop located in Gotham city is the best place to feel the presence of Batman and his scary villains. One of the star attractions of Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, the shop is an all time stop to pick up a memento from the Gotham city of the thrilling Batman: Knight Flight ride. If you are a diehard Batman fan, then let yourself immerse in the various accessories like toys, souvenirs and more related to superheroes. All the pick up items are replicas reminding you either of Arkham Asylum or Wayne Tech.

Shows at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros Studio tour
Warner Bros. Cinema Spectacular

Bring all the wonders of the Warner Bros world to life when everyone’s favourite showman Bugs Bunny comes to entertain the audience. Head over to the Warner Bros. Plaza where the celebration of symphonic multimedia extravaganza of Looney Tunes runs for straight 15 minutes. Watch the whole setting transforming itself into a real studio set where the spectacle of the Warner Bros. Cinema would unfold.

warner bros
The Joker Surprise Party

Aren’t we all in awe of Joker, who certainly is the wittiest villain any SuperHero has ever faced? If you would like to meet the Joker, the Riddler and Harley Quinn, reach Gotham city where Joker’s Surprise Party is being held for a duration of 15 minutes. The party though isn’t for the visitors, it’s for the Joker himself by Harley Quinn where she gonna make Joker test his latest evil contraption.

Stay at WB Hotel Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

A day in the whims and fancies of the cartoon world would surely convince you to spend a day more in the Warner Bros world or try more attractions in Yas Island. If so, then extend your stay at Island by booking your accommodation with the Warner Bros. hotel, the unparalleled entertainment served here would gratify its visitors. At the hotel, relax for a few hours in the ‘dive-in’ theatre spa, the Martinee Pool and the Overlook Pool. Enjoy your stay as you explore fine dining restaurants and meet your favourite Warner Bros. characters. To reach the hotel, the visitors need to figure out how to go to Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi first, and once there, they can locate the hotel easily.

Know Before You Go for Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

How to Reach
Park Overview
Warner Bros Abu Dhabi

Mondays & Tuesdays from 10:00am to 8:00pmFrom Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Best Time to Visit:The best to visit Warner Bros theme park would be in the evening, when the extensively large park is hustling and bustling. It’s in the evening hours that the park radidiates the cheerful and family-friendly vibes, in the glee of the lights sparkling it up. Not only would one find the place visually appealing in the evening, more restaurants would be open in the busy hours of evening to invite guests for an elegant dinner.

Tips for Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

warner bros
  • At the Warner Bros theme park, plenty of space for parking is available so all those considering visiting the park via their private vehicle can do so.
  • The tour of the whole park would consume around 6 hours of yours, it’s recommended to visit the park in the early evening hours and stay at the park till the closing hours. It would allow the visitors to spend enough time in the visually appealing lit up park.
  • Dress yourself in comfortable clothing and footwear as you would be walking a lot in the park.
  • Avail the facility of strollers to keep your toddlers comfortable throughout the visit.
  • All the visitors making their trip to the theme park in the daytime shouldn’t forget to keep a water bottle and an electrolyte to stay hydrated.
  • Pack your sunscreen too, while visiting the park in daytime to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Keep your kids under a careful watch as they enjoy the Warner Bros. ride in the theme park. Don’t let them ride active rides if they get nauseated easily.
  • Do save some time to visit all the interactive and amazing shops and stores at all the various lands of the park. They offer a range of products from souvenirs to accessories to delicious pastries.
  • Before leaving the park, don’t forget to check out uniquely crafted restaurants in Warner Bros. which would take you into the world of your favourite characters to serve you dinner.

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FAQs Of Warner Bro Abu Dhabi

How many shows are there at Warner Bros Abu Dhabi?

    There are two major shows arranged at the park namely as “Warner Bros. Cinema Spectacular” and “The Joker Surprise Party”. Both the shows will take into the Warner Bros world of Bugs Bunny and that of conspiracies being planned in Gotham City. Both of the shows run for a duration of 15 minutes, and take you into the setting of a symphonic celebration as well as the surprise party of Joker.

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